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Artist Statement

“I’m heavily inspired by the natural world around us. I believe there is a little bit of magic and whimsy even in the plainest or smallest of places. And my art, while small in size, packs a punch whether through color, detail, or implied story telling. A portion of my art could be considered very playful and childlike, whereas the rest remains more ambiguous in mood. I will always appreciate the duality of a gray, cloudy sky that evokes both feelings of peace and stillness as well as unease of the approaching storm.

As I’ve been creating landscapes, I’ve become interested in wildlife and habitat conservation efforts. Through this I have been using my art to show the world how beautiful and important nature is to our survival, and why it is important to study nature through the lens of ecology.”

Foothills 300 dpi.jpeg


From the beginning of elementary school, Fawn had been a part of the art world entering competitions and shows. By the time she was in high school she was able to meet the Texas State Congressman (2018) and have work shown in the Texas State Capitol Building through various art ventures. While she graduated college Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Psychology, she never strayed from her passion for art. In 2019, she discovered gouache, and fell in love with the medium.

One of Fawn’s most recent exhibits (2022) has a permanent residence at LeTourneau University. This exhibit, “Capturing LeTourneau”, showcases a series of paintings representative of the university. With half of these paintings being created using dirt brought from the hometowns of students’ and staff, it truly embodies the spirit of campus. 

Fawn is currently represented by RTown Art Gallery in Grapevine, Texas. She works in multiple layers to create scenes that often remind the audience of folklore and fairy tales. Details are added in using a multitude of dots and lines that are reminiscent of pointillism. 

Foothills 300 dpi.jpeg
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